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Promotional ceramics Poznań Wielkopolska - Our company is a distributor of promotional ceramics. We offer many models of promotional cups, promotional mugs and company coffee sets.


pakiet technologiczny_banerek_artykul bez napisu

  • Which printing techniques used for advertising ceramics are completely resistant to washing in dishwashers?
  • Which decorating technology enables to obtain photo-quality print on mugs?
  • What is the minimum amount of details that can be printed on advertising ceramics?
  • Which decorating technology is most economical?
  • How does print using gold paint look like?

You will find answers to these and many other questions in our technological set - a true compendium on decorating technologies used for advertising ceramics.

Our technological set consists of the following elements:

  • 6 mugs with different types of imprints and decorations,
  • brochure describing presented technologies,
  • practical, easy to carry packaging with protective foam.

To order the Porceline by Maxim technological set, contact your account manager.

Photo gallery of mugs included in the technological set.

Statue of Liberty




New York Life

New York City