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The method of decorating upper rims of the promotional ceramics, which provides interesting effect of coating the rim by the color, difficult to reach for the other imprint technologies. Decoration involves hand made painting's element covered by the ceramic paints. Hand Made is considered as an additional decoration, adjunctive other technologies and making the product more attractive. The method can be easily combined with other technologies.

The cost of rim painting you may check by marking in the calculator the checkbox "Hand Made - rim painting" in section "additional services".

Hand Made benefits:

  • Additional decoration of the elements which can not be decorationed by the other technologies,
  • Orders starting from 24 pieces,
  • Hand Made durability - unlimited number of wash cycles in a domestic dishwashers for one year (exeption: golden and silver paints),
  • Stronger marketing message by adjusting rim color to the leading imprint color,
  • Hand Made decoration makes the product unique and individual.

___ Examples of Hand Made:

img_preview img_preview img_preview
Hand Made - rim painting
Hand Made - rim painting
Hand Made - handle painting

___ Combining Hand Made with other techniques:

img_preview     img_preview   img_preview   img_preview
Hand Made - rim painting
with Hydrocolor
  Hand Made - rim painting
with Multicolor
  Hand Made - rim painting
with Transfer Print
  Hand Made - rim painting
and imprint inside