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sensitive-touch Sensitive Touch

If you are looking for uniqueness and top quality you should decide on Sensitive Touch decoration. The unusual effect of concave decorating onto the surface of advertising ceramics is created during the process of scrupulous sandblasting.

Sensitive Touch Color Plus

Now you can combine Sensitive Touch decoration (sandblasting) with porcelain coating technology.

Sensitive Touch Color Plus decoration for orders below 108 pieces is available only in a limited palette of colors that are currently on our stock. Sensitive Touch Color Plus coating in any Pantone color is available only starting from 108 pieces.

It is possible to color only the sandblasted pattern or the whole surface of the mug (Monolith).

We guarantee that mugs and cups with Sensitive Touch Color Plus coating retain their properties and colors for at least 400 wash cycles in domestic dishwashers or for one year.

Sensitive Touch (sandblasting)
Technology benefits Technology limitations Technology process phases
  • noble effect of 3D adornment
  • size of writing - minimum height of small letter 3 mm.
  • minimal line thickness: in positive 0,8 mm in negative 1 mm
  • pattern's preparation for plotting
  • plotting on foil
  • transfering foil on product
  • sand blasting process
  • removal of foil

Examples of sandblasting:

img_preview   img_preview
Sensitive Touch   Sensitive Touch Color Plus
img_preview     img_preview
Sensitive Touch on a porcelain product    Sensitive Touch on ceramic mug
img_preview img_preview  img_preview 
Sensitive Touch
with Hydrocolor
Sensitive Touch Color Plus
with Multicolor
Sensitive Touch Color Plus
with Monolith efect