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Promotional ceramics Poznań Wielkopolska - Our company is a distributor of promotional ceramics. We offer many models of promotional cups, promotional mugs and company coffee sets.


galaxy grawer2The laser engraving can be carried out on both metal and plastic elements. One interesting solution for the brand is the possibility of carrying out the engraving on the leather strap of the Moon vacuum flask. By choosing the Galaxy engraving you will obtain a subtle, monochromatic decoration effect. This technique may be used effectively to personalise your product.

___ Galaxy Engraver on metal surfaces.

vega_grawer_1b img_preview meteor_grawer_2a
Galaxy Engraver
Orion Steel
Galaxy Engraver

Galaxy Engraver

___ Galaxy Engraver on plastic and leather parts.


GALAXY Engraver
on the lid

GALAXY Engrawer
on a leather belt