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MAGIC MUG - colour changing mug
Technology benefits Technology limitations Technological process phases
• print of photography quality
• Magic effect of advertisment
• low prototype costs
• garish colours of print
• perfect solution for low editions
• hand washing
• print on the external surface of mug only
• pattern's preparation for printing
• printing directly from printer on paper
• MAGIC MUG covering with paper
• baking process
• optionally machine print "LOGO+"
• chemical hardening process

„Magic” coating does not guarantee coating of an imprint in 100%. A transparency degree depends on each coating colour as well as an imprint specificity.


Magic Mug Logo Plus. Available colours: white, black, red (similar to PMS 485 or 1795), orange (similar to PMS 165), lightgreen (similar to PMS 802), dark green (similar to PMS 356 or 348), blue (similar to PMS 3005), navy blue (similar to PMS 293 lub 286), violet (purple C), purple (similar to PMS 247), magenta (similar to PMS 213), pale gold (similar to PMS 872), silver imitation (similar to PMS 877).

Now even better Magic effect

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced Magic Matt to our offer. The use of a mat surface on the outside of the cup allows for an even better MAGIC effect - hiding the print that appears after pouring hot liquid into the cup. Magic Matt mugs are available in two shapes: Tomek Magic Matt and Latte Magic Matt.

Magic and Magic Mat coatings comparison