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art-printArt Print - photo-quality printing

High quality sublimation print applied to the ceramic surface with a special paper. The decoration is only available on selected types of mugs with prior coating with colorless varnish - polyester.

Decoration durability

We guarantee that Art Print overprints retain their properties and colors for at least 1000 wash cycles in a domestic dishwashers or for one year.

ART PRINT - 300 dpi print
Technology benefits Technology limitations Technological process phases
  • Imprint retains its properties and colors for at least 1000 wash cycles in dishwashers
  • print of photography quality
  • low prototype costs
  • garish colours of print
  • perfect solution for low editions
  • print on the external surface of mug only
  • pattern's preparation for printing
  • printing on paper
  • ART MUG covering with paper
  • baking process

Photographic effect:

img_preview   img_preview   img_preview
Art Print - sublimation   Art Print - sublimation   Art Print - sublimation

Examples of Art Print:

img_preview img_preview
img_preview img_preview