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Promotional ceramics Poznań Wielkopolska - Our company is a distributor of promotional ceramics. We offer many models of promotional cups, promotional mugs and company coffee sets.

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Pot Capacity: 1200 ml  
Cup Height: 60 mm   Capacity: 70 ml   Diameter: 63 mm
Cup Height: 70 mm   Capacity: 200 ml   Diameter: 87 mm
Cup Height: 65 mm   Capacity: 150 ml   Diameter: 78 mm
Sugar bowl Capacity: 280 ml  
Milk jug Capacity: 340 ml  
Material: EU porcelain

Current in-stock quantity:

Venezia Coffee Set cup 70 ml, 63 mm, white 7176 pcs.
Venezia Coffee Set cup 150 ml, 78 mm, white 3323 pcs.
Venezia Coffee Set cup 200 ml, 87 mm, white 1964 pcs.
Venezia Coffee Set sugar bowl 280 ml, white 35 pcs.
Venezia Coffee Set milk jug 340 ml, white 3303 pcs.
Venezia Coffee Set pot 1200 ml, white 0 pcs.

Available adornment technologies for VENEZIA COFFEE SET: *  ( ml)

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